About Me

I am Debbie Kendall ~ printmaker, hand-letterer and creator of The Enlightened Hound. From my attic studio, with views over the treetops, I hand-print original art, for the love of dogs.

Debbie Kendall Studio
They are beautiful prints... It’s amazing how one stumbles across something so perfect at exactly the right moment. Thank you!
Mary Rose (UK)

Producing work that others can connect with is important to me. I use hand-lettered words and illustration to interpret and narrate the unique connection people have with their dogs.

I love physicality of printmaking - the sticky, messy inks, the sharp gouges for linocutting, the hiss of the brayer as it rolls out the ink, the mechanical clanking of the press and the thrill of pulling the paper from the inked plate to reveal the image.

Debbie Kendall Etching Press
Relief Printing Ink
Printmakers Dog

My lettering is deliberately idiosyncratic and wonky and I often combine it with illustration and vintage decorative elements typical of 19th century ephemera.

Linocut lettering
Debbie Kendall Hand Lettered Tradecards
Pen Ink Hand-lettering

I am curious about how things are constructed, so the mechanical and technical elements of creating a print appeal to my practical side. I like nothing better than solving a creative brief, so getting the illustrative and graphic composition of the image right satisfies my artistic side.

Hand-made items stand, not only for originality, but also value the expertise and tradition that crafts-people keep alive - the antithesis to today’s world of mass production.

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