An Old Dog's Song

Find out more about the inspiration for this print and how I created and printed the original 2 block linoprint.

Who Rescued Who?

Find out more about how the "Who Rescued Who?" linoprint was carved and printed by hand.

No Gas Required

Learn more about how I designed and printed this multi-layered 28 colour reduction linoprint.

My Dog Art and Illustration

Paintings, drawings, collage and prints
See examples of my painted and illustrated dogs using different media including watercolour, acrylic, collage, pastel, pen & ink and printmaking.

My Hand Lettering Work

What is hand-lettering? Discover more about the art of hand drawn letters and how I use them in my work.

My Logo Design & Branding

Find out more about the inspiration behind my logo design and how I use hand lettering to enhance the brand identity of The Enlightened Hound


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