Inspirational Dog Sayings Prints

I am very paw-ticular when it comes to the art work that graces my home. I see a LOT of dog prints, paintings, and photographs in my line of work, and the Enlightened Hound’s Canine Wisom prints stopped me in my tracks. As a gift, a family member had it framed for me and it now graces the entrance to my office. My heart beats dog, and the Canine Wisdom prints just confirmed in art what my soul already knows: Dogs enlighten and teach us oh so much
Carol Bryant, Editor & Blogger (USA)

The "Canine Wisdom" word art prints

A dog’s guide to happiness (for humans)

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The Canine Wisdom prints are a series of inspirational typographical lino-prints that celebrate the principles dogs instinctively follow for a simple, happy life. These dog sayings are an original hand-crafted reminder to their human owners of the joy that comes from following the ‘way of the dog’.

The prints use authentic fonts from original Wild West and US Civil War posters. The letters are hand carved onto lino printing plates, then each print is individually hand-printed on acid free archival 170gsm paper with traditional linseed oil inks, using hand-mixed colours, inspired by the American Colonial era.

The vintage style, slightly distressed lettering and the typographical style is reminiscent of old Wild West Wanted Posters and 19th century American Show Posters.

Limited edition of 250