Dog Art Inspiration

I love your work and philosophy. I also love dogs and we always have a rescue one or two living with us!
Jacqui (UK)

A Love of Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog Figo

The unshakeable bond between humans and dogs is timeless and will always be the inspiration behind The Enlightened Hound. I was totally blindsided for the amazing bond that I would have with my dog, Figo, a Portuguese Water Dog. He is loyal, funny, uplifting, incredibly calming and very difficult to be anything but happy in his company. I do a lot of ‘dog watching”. Observing how they react and adapt to life in a human world is a constant source of interest to me.

Debbie Kendall & Printmakers Dog

Purchasers of my work often contact me to tell me how much my prints mean to them and I love to hear such feedback and find it enormously motivating. People love to talk about their dogs and their stories are endlessly funny, heart-breaking, surprising, wonderful and moving. I am continually heartened, encouraged and honoured to produce work that dog lovers can identify with.

Hand Lettering & Language

Pen and Ink Hand Lettered Logo Inky Dog Press

Hand drawn letters are a constant feature of my work. Hand-lettering is the the art of drawing letters. No two letters will be the same, unlike a typeface where any given letter will always be identical. I am particularly inspired by the decorative American typefaces of the 18th and 19th centuries.

I love the quirks and colloquialisms of the English language with its curious idioms and turns of phrase and enjoy finding ways that these can be incorporated into my prints.

Vintage & Hand-Made

Vintage Dog Ephemera

I am also influenced by my growing collection of ephemera ~ old labels, handbills, tickets, show posters, hand-painted signs and vintage packaging ~ designed and printed before the digital age.

As a counterpoint to today’s fast paced, technological world, I like things that have been produced by hand, with simple tools or with the aid of vintage, clanking, cast iron, hand-operated machines. I celebrate the imperfect, the wonky lines and inherent character of the homespun.

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