Poodle Original Art

Personalised prints for poodle lovers

This print combines hand-drawn letters with illustration. Each one is individually hand-printed on my press in a soft french grey ink, and signed.

Choose your print:

Unframed / No Mount - Worldwide Shipping

  • Fits a standard 12" x 12" frame (or with a little trimming a 30 x 30 cm frame). A box style frame is best (with no mount) as it will keep the print away from the glass
  • Ships with a backing board and cellophane wrapped
  • Paper Size: 12" x 12"

Unframed With Mount - UK addresses only
  • Fits a standard 40 x 40 cm frame
  • Ships with an off-white, acid-free mount and conservation grade backing board in a cellophane bag
  • Mount size: 40 x 40 cm

Framed - UK addresses only
  • Solid oak wood frame with mount
  • Frame is 43.5 cms square.
  • Fitted with crystal clear acrylic ‘glass’ and ready to hang

Personalise your print

Personalized Gift for Dog Lovers - The Enlightened Hound

You can personalise your Dog Tag print with a hand written dedication (up to 10 words).

This is written in pencil, below the dog tag image and above the signature (like the example in the picture for Benson the Labrador).

Choose this option and enter your own words at the checkout, if required.

Poodle: Unframed / No Mount


Poodle: Unframed With Mount


Poodle: Framed

Just to let you know your print arrived yesterday. It is beautiful and I absolutely love it!
Lucy (UK)

About Poodles

The poodle is an ancient breed, said to have originated in Germany and standardized in France, where it is the national breed. In France, poodles are called “caniche” a name derived from chien canard, meaning duck dog. The French have and old expression "fidele comme une caniche" (faithful as a Poodle).

Many overlook the smart, funny Poodle, thinking him frou frou and put off by all the hair-dos and eccentric things people do with their coats, yet this wiry, waterproof coat was essential for its original job as a water retriever, bred to work and retrieve waterfowl for hunters from swamp, marsh & river. The name poodle comes from the German word pudel, or pudelin, which means to splash in the water.

Smart as a whip with a dignified attitude, the poodle has a goofy streak and loves to play. Its trainability, agility and clownish personality make the poodle a natural-born performer & entertainer - the perfect circus dog. It is thought that circus gypsies first cut the poodles coat into fanciful shapes, a trend that quickly caught on amongst upper class french ladies whose toy poodles were the ultimate fashion accessory and lap dog.

Famous poodle owners include Joan Crawford, Duke Ellington, Barbara Streisand, Jack Lemon, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, John Steinbeck, Richard Nixon, Priscilla Presley, Kirk Douglas, Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, Marylyn Monroe, Judy Garland, George Washington, Geroge V, Elizabeth Taylor, Ivana Trump, Walt Disney and Mariah Carey.

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