Schnauzer Original Art

Personalised prints for schnauzer lovers

This print combines hand-drawn letters with illustration. Each one is individually hand-printed on my press in a sophisticated dark grey ink, and signed.

Choose your print:

Unframed / No Mount - Worldwide Shipping

  • Fits a standard 12" x 12" frame (or with a little trimming a 30 x 30 cm frame). A box style frame is best (with no mount) as it will keep the print away from the glass
  • Ships with a backing board and cellophane wrapped
  • Paper Size: 12" x 12"

Unframed With Mount - UK addresses only
  • Fits a standard 40 x 40 cm frame
  • Ships with an off-white, acid-free mount and conservation grade backing board in a cellophane bag
  • Mount size: 40 x 40 cm

Framed - UK addresses only
  • Solid oak wood frame with mount
  • Frame is 43.5 cms square.
  • Fitted with crystal clear acrylic ‘glass’ and ready to hang

Personalise your print

Personalized Gift for Dog Lovers - The Enlightened Hound

You can personalise your Dog Tag print with a hand written dedication (up to 10 words).

This is written in pencil, below the dog tag image and above the signature (like the example in the picture for Benson the Labrador).

Choose this option and enter your own words at the checkout, if required.

Schnauzer: Unframed / No Mount


Schnauzer: Unframed With Mount


Schnauzer: Framed

Thank you so much for the print, I know my dad will love it though I am going to find it very hard to give away!!
Ruth (UK)

About Schnauzers

Originating in Germany as farmhands, these versatile working dogs have been put to many uses, both on the farm (herding livestock, rat catching, guarding, retrieving) and in the wider community (military messenger, dispatch carrier, security & police dog). Frequently called the ‘thinking dog’ or the ‘dog with a human brain’, the schnauzer brings to mind a sage wizard, with its profuse whiskers and a gleam of intelligence in its eyes. A schnauzer was the first dog trained to detect cancer cells.

Now in 3 sizes (miniature, standard and giant) these lively, independent thinkers may look like dignified professors but they also like to let their hair down!